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IMG 1189 
 Photographed on Uetilberg Mountain in Zurich, 9th November 2014, great scenery and views that day
IMG 6263 
 Calm after the first storm of the season - Storm Aileen taken @ Lough Eske, Donegal.
LRM EXPORT 20170918 000026 
 18 years old taken by Cian Mclaughlin in Burgess Park Athlone County Westmeath last Christmas. I have followed these swans since they where newly hatched and I felt this was a perfect opportunity to take a photo of them fully grown. More pictures are on my Instagram: cian18photography. 
I took this on my sony xperia x
Fastnet Rock - West Cork 
 Fastnet Rock, West Cork taken on Sunday 17th September 2017. Picture: Mary O'Neill/Molloy
Dolomite Tree-7737(lucky) 
 A solitary tree at about 2000m high in the Dolomites Mountain range,Italy.Taken during a recent walking holiday with Dingle Hillwalking club.Photographer: Noel O Neill 
 Keywords: DHC, Dolomites, snow
DSC 0743 
 Nosy Cow, Ballinasloe, Co Galway.
IMG 0108 I m watching you. 
 I'm watching you. I Captured this nice photo at Tallow Horse Fair Co' Waterford that was held there recently.
 Enjoying the Sea on a Splendid Sunny Day at the Dublin Bay, Dublin. 

Picture: Bing Wu
 Performer at Cliffs of Moher, Co.Clare. Picture: Todor Tilev.
Steve Weldon Photography 
 Marie | Amsterdam |
2017-09-17 08-40-18 
 Enjoying the sunset on the River Liffey Dublin September 17th 2017 Picture by Tony Mullen
3 Trunks 
 3 Trunks
 She just took off
 One Man & his Dogs
IMG 5584 
 Family visit to the zoo. Aug 17
IMG 0096 
 Sunset at Milford Bridges Carlow
Photo: Trish Hughes
IMG 0099 
 After the big snowfall at its best @ Milford Bridges Carlow 
Photo : Trish Hughes
2017-09-18 09-09-07 
 The Viking Diamond leaving Dublin Port last night 17.9.2017 just before sunset Picture by Tony Mullen
IMG 0629 
 A September visit to Gougane Barra, Co. Cork.
 Sunflowers, glenmore, co. Kilkenny
IMG 4920 
 Brian McGovern happy out, playing to a sold out King John's Castle, Limerick City. 
Picture : Keeley Grehan
IMG 20170917 192000 
 September Light....
Taken @ Tulligealine, South West Kerry, on Sunday September 17th 2017 @7:30pm
DSC 0197 
 spider spider on the rail were will i go from the rain
taken on the walk up to Torc water fall in Killarney Co. Kerry, just spotted him as i looked over the protected rail
IMG 20170917 121058 
 I was reading the property page of Saturdays Irish Examiner when my Bichon Frisefrom Toby took an interest in the main newspaper
East sunrise 
 A beautiful sunrise looking east over cork harbour from Jacobs island. The darkness of light was just lifting and the sun was breaking through. Hop Island and little island feature here in the backdrop.
dunluce causeway 3910ds 
 After a week of horrible weather I could finally go out and enjoy myself. I drove up to Dunluce castle, close to Bushmills on Antrim coast. Fortess looks good in dramatic weather
IMG 3563 
 Havin' the craic with Jack. 
4 year old Ois?n with Jack Charlton at Cork Airport:)
IMG 0979bw 
IMG 4745 
 Photo caption : Dinny The Irish Guide Dog Man.

This photo was taken with the cooperation of Dennis Lambert in the garden at the side of his house.
The picture was recorded at 6.30 pm August 1st 2017.

Mister Lambert lives at 43 Crinion Park Wicklow Town which is a short distance from where I live.
The dog in this picture whose name is TQ is owned by my sister Martine Kerr.
I have Martine's permission to include TQ in this and all future contests.
This entry has the approval of Mister Lambert who kindly interrupted his busy schedule to participate in this competition. 

Picture : Howard Kerr
IMG 20170815 211327 821 
 Sunset in Skerries B McColgan
IMG 0413 
 Sparrow enjoying a peanut in my back garden on a lovely day in August. I was sitting quietly watching them feeding and felt so lucky when he posed for me with the peanut in his beak.
IMG 1205098671607632 
 Walking the Dog
Angkor Wat, 5am 
 Sunrise over Angkor Wat, Cambodia, 2017. Photo: Oliver Kelly
sarah v1.3 
 Sarah Elizabeth Kenny. Just loves her new Cosy Jumper. Our D?ise Girl.
20170915 153844 
 Two year old family pet, Skyler, sitting waiting for my brother to come home, Co.Meath. Picture: Emma Murray (age 13)
20170915 153844 
 Two year old family pet, Skyler, sitting waiting for my brother to come home, Co.Meath. Picture: Emma Murray (age 13)
IMG 1492 
 Copenhagen Canals.
Weekend trip.
Aoife Goulding.
20170910 141433 
 'Somewhere under the rainbow' on Anascaul Lake Anascaul co Kerry.Pic Kathleen Desmond
IMG 3841 
 "Sunlight On Shannon" taken with iPhone 5 at the Shannon Street Festival June 24th 2017 using the Noir Filter from the Native Camera App. I was on a Photo walk in Cork with gifted Photographers like Brendan O S?, Tim Bingham, Dee McCaffrey, Mark Kenny and Jonathan Leahy.. I was in auspicious company and felt completely out my depth but this shot was one I was proud to show these excellent Photographers!!
 Piglets take the sun at the Waterford Harvest Festival. Picture: Tom Burke
100 2145 
 Flowers on Pond Surface, Glenveagh National Park, Donegal. August 2011. Picture: Emma Lyster
IMG 1378 
 boats shining in the spotlight of the sun through broken clouds in Achill, Co.Mayo on a weekend getaway Picture : Laura Stafford
 A robin resting on a flower pot in the garden, carrigaline, co. cork.
Photo by: Linda Caul.
 Strangers on the Shore: A little boy from Limerick making a new friend on the beaches of Wexford.
FB IMG 1505419643519 
 Donabate Sunset
Nathan Hackett Doo Lough Pass 
 Relaxing by the Lake, Doo Lough Pass, Co. Mayo.
Picture: Nathan Hackett
 While travelling in Cartagena Colombia in July I spotted these two ladies with the most beautiful vibrant coloured dresses
20170907 201703 
 Balmy Dusk - A balmy dusk evening in Lagos Portugal
IMG 4796 
 Revy, the border collie was enjoying some sun, Donabate, Co. Dublin. Picture: Aoife Lyster
 My son Aaron walking enjoying his vitis to Airfield farm Dublin 16, Picture:Peter Simo
IMG 0181 
 Burma, Captured From Hot Air Ballon, In Novemeber 2016, In Bagan , Image of a Stupa (Temple)
Healy Pass 
 A summer view of the lakes from The Healy Pass just outside Kenmare, Co. Kerry.
IMG 20170819 090151 
 Five year old Leo Murphy from Bantry first time to reach the top of Conac Bu?
Photo taken by Marion Horan 
 My friends Creina, Marie , and Margaret enjoying a day out on Mullaghmore in the Burren Co Clare a few weeks ago. 
Photo Marion Horan.





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