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 by Denis G Fitzgerald
 at the Volvo Ocean of the best races seen in years
 and great for Irish Tourisim and a Irishman anoung the winners
 Freddy striking a pose. Photo by Ceaneacht O Hoctun.
 Taken outside Austin flowers shop Wicklow Town. Photo by : Ceaneacht O Hoctun.

Molly and Val Youghal Co Cork at the barbecue, enjoying an evening in July with neighbours, having fun in the sun!

Picture: J.J. Cooley
SEB 9611 
 Six years old Patrick playing with dogs on Achill Island, Keel Beach. 
PICTURE: Sebastian Oziomek
 daimler powerscourt vinage car show
IMG 7880 
 This is a photograph of Bog Cotton at a bog in Westmeath 2013,I was out collecting turf and saw loads of bog cotton so took this photograph.
Photo Credit Samuel Campbell
 Derek and Derek 'enjoying the ride' at New York, New York Hotel, Las Vegas!!
 Liscannor Pier, Co. Clare August 2014 by Eugene McDonough
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 Autumn saturday morning on Medvednica mountain, near Zagreb, Croatia.
Surfing Dooey Beach, Lettermacaward, Donegal. Ireland 2014 Gerry Molumby 
 Surfing Dooey Beach , Donegal. August 2014 Gerry Molumby
Tipperary Race Course Evening Meeting August 9th . Ireland 2014 Gerry Molumby 1 
 Photo Finish at Limerick Junction Evening Meeting Gerry Molumby
RDS Horse Show. Connemara Stallions. Ireland August 2014 Gerry Molumby 
 RDS Show 2014 Connemara Stallions
Cast a cold eye on life on death, Citroen Picasso pass by . Ireland 2014 Gerry Molumby 
 Cast a cold eye on life on death , Citreon Picasso pass by
IMG 0027 
 Nevin the Cat wants a bath in the kitchen sink at his home last sunday 17th august in Fermoy, Co' Cork.
SEB 9611 
 Achill Island, Keel beach. Patrick and Mori(sheep dogs) play with other dogs 
Picture: Sebastian Oziomek
Sprinkling of Diamonds at Sandymount AW 
 A Sprinkling of Diamonds at Sandymount
Malawi Smiles 
 'Malawi Smiles'
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 a young woman taking part in a pre wedding procession in the Medina in Tangier, Morocco
Taken in: August 2014
Photographer: Ger Power
Caption: Moroccan Girl
 "Tucked Beneath the Mountains". This small cottage surrounded by scattered sheep in the distance was taken in the Kerry hills, early March '14. The size of the cottage contrasted with the vast landscape and hills surrounding it was a perfect setup for a photograph. The sheep and the beautiful blue sky added to the scenic view available from the roadside. Photo credit Marie Greene.

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