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 600 year old Ash Tree photographed at sawn .
CS3 3706.NEF 
 A Watchful Eye. The matriarch of a herd of elephants in Samburu, northern Kenya keeps a watchful eye on us as the rest of the herd cover themselves in dust after the rains. Picture: David Dawson
Laura Burke Long Story 
 Photograph of an elderly man taken by Laura Burke at the Love Seat on the Promenade in Lahinch, Co Clare on Wednesday 25th May 2016. The following details the story behind the shot. My apologies for the length of the caption. I asked the gentleman's permission to take his photograph and he agreed.

Long Story
?Can I take your photograph? says I. ?You can? says he. I told him it was a grand day and he looked like he was waiting for love. ?Not with me!? exploded the young male parking attendant. ?What?s it for? asked my muse. ?It?s for myself. I?m hoping to go to photography school.? It was hard not to miss the disappointment on his face when he learned that he wasn?t going to appear on the national news or even in the weekly county paper. So he went on to entertain me with a story. ?D?y know Willie Daly? The Matchmaker?? ?I do.? ?Well a lady was coming over from Texas. America like. And Willie asked my neighbour if he?d bring her out. So he said he would. Can you believe that he?s in Texas NOW? They?re in their 70s! I told him that the American heat in Texas would kill him, but he said he loves it out there. In his 70s. Maybe I am looking for love.?

I came home, loved his shot and decided to upload it today. The letter from the college with the results from Monday?s interview still lay unopened on the mantelpiece where I?d put it this morning. I didn?t want to open it. I thought the envelope was thin and insubstantial for an acceptance letter. Don?t they usually contain leaflets, payment details and such like? My husband opened it for me and it turned out I was wrong (nothing new there then)! I am going to photography school! 
 Keywords: Lahinch, Love Seat
DSC 0026 
 Seagull drifting on the breeze in Ballycotton
Maharees & Brandon from Beenoskee-2808 
 Castlegregory and Maharees Dingle Co Kerry taken from Beenoskee Mountain on March 31st 2016 when there was still some snow on the mountain tops 
 Keywords: Glanteenassig, Landscape, Mary Deane, Mary Kiernan, Stradbally, beenoskee, snow
WP 20160524 19 45 43 Selfie 
 Summer in killmurry with mum and daughter Mary and Elana with sun rays from heven with them
IMG 1168 
 "Pensive". Photographer Declan Keane takes a moody self portrait at The Slieve League Cliffs, Co. Donegal 
 Keywords: declan keane
Upper Lake long exposure 
 Upper Lake in October. Late morning , so I used a Big Stopper to create a nice mercury look to the water.
Fox Cub by Christopher Howes-1 
 Fox Cub "thirsty work" Taken in Dublin 18/05/2016.Picture Christopher Howes.
DSC 1246.jpggoatlooking up 
Pet goat sees and hears something in the tree above him. Taken last week in Co Kerry
DSC 1351.jpgcatdrinkingmilk - Copy 
In killarney last weekend and saw this cat at Muckross lapping up the milk from the bucket 
hurried to get picture before he left, but bucket full, why would he
 I love the sea side and on a recent business trip to Calais, I had time to watch the sun set over the beach with ferries passing in the night. I didnt have my camera with me at the time so I used my phone to take the picture.
 A day at the beach in Ireland. Garretstown, Co.Cork. Picture: Paul Flynn
M7A7705 copy 
 "river dancer" photo is of a grey wagtail collecting flies on the tramore river cork
DSC00317 (2) - Copy 
 This photo was taken on holidays in gold river, Vancouver Island, Canada.
20160516 143816-01 
 Little river through a valley in H?gendorf, Switzerland, taken in early May 2016. Picture: David Spring
IMG 8594 
 My youngest daughter ?da enjoying her first train trip last weekend, all the way from co. Cork up to Dublin. She was fascinated by the views out the window ... and everything else on the train for the record.
20160522 133739 
 While out for a Sunday stroll on Youghal beach this beautiful scene stopped me in my tracks.
Picture takenby Anne O Brown.
Howth Divers 
 Howth Divers on a sunny Sunday morning[ before the rain ,hailstones , thunder and lightning came !!]

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